Treating Rust

Treating Rust



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Determining your product requirement:

  • Measure area to which paint is to be
  • Depending on surface to which the product is to be applied, determine which products are needed. (Refer to Product Specifier Tool)
  • Check the Theoretical Spread Rates (TSR) on each of the specified products and see how many coats of each are recommended, then calculate what quantities of each product you will require, remembering to make adjustments for the porosity of each TSRs are based on products applied to smooth, sealed surfaces.


Surface Preparation

  1. Remove loose or flaking rust by wire
  2. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove dust and surface latencies.

Application Method

  1. Apply 1 thin coat of Paintcor’s Ruscon to areas that are rusted
  2. Do not apply Ruscon too thick or over previously painted areas. Ruscon must be applied to rusted areas Applying too much Ruscon may lead to bleed through on subsequent coats
  3. Ruscon should be overcoated with Paintcors EnviroPrime or AllPrime Plus before applying final
  4. The product is applied neat by brush, roller,

Relevant Product Information

Theoretical Spread Rate 15m² per litre
No. of Coats required 1 Coat
Application Method Brush, Roller or Spray
Drying Time @ 25°C – 24 hours
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