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Paint should not be thinned as it can compromise important properties such as scrub ability, stain resistance, and adhesion strength. For Spray application, paint may be thinned.

Preparation materials such as primers, floor coats and undercoats might require thinning, please check your data sheets for specific product applications. If you have any queries about thinning, contact us for the Technical Services Department at (011) 794-2885. They will be happy to assist you.

Matte paints, such as PRISTINA, have a low reflection value that helps to hide minor imperfections on plasterwork. Sheen paints, such as ESSENCE on the other hand, have a slightly glossy look, which may highlight imperfections at certain angles. Please note that Matte finishes are not washable/stain resistant as sheen.

You can determine your paint requirements by using the paint calculator on our website or by visiting any of our Paintcor branches. If you need guidance, kindly email us at, and a technical specialist will be allocated to you.

To determine if your wall has enamel or acrylic paint, perform a methylated spirits test with a soft cloth. Acrylic paint will rub off, but enamel paint will not.

The best way to match paint to a picture or fabric is to visit your nearest Paintcor branch with your colour sample, and our team will assist you in matching the colour to the closest version possible. For colours of previously painted walls/surface supply us with a sample preferably bigger than R5 coin.

Degrease the surface with GRIMEREAPER and apply Paintcor’s ELEGANCE, RUVACRYL or ENVIROCOAT. These products are adhesion promoted and can be applied directly to enamel paint.

For other products such as PRISTINA and ESSENCE, degrease the surface with GRIMEREAPER, lightly sand the area to be painted, ensuring that all gloss areas have been dulled. Clean the surface thoroughly with clean water and allow it to dry completely.

Apply one coat of PAINTCOR’S UNISUB, and allow the undercoat to dry properly before applying your final coats of acrylic paint.

Acrylic paints are lighter in colour when wet, and the true colour can only be seen after the coating is dry. Please not that colours may vary from screen to print to paint. We always suggest testing a paint SAMPLE before purchasing a colour as number of factors may affect the colour eg, lighting, finish of paint etc.

When applying a light colour over a dark or vivid colour, to ensure the best coverage, always apply a white undercoat before applying your new topcoat. This will save you a lot of time and effort. Be sure to apply the required two coats for the right results and allow for sufficient drying times as indicated by the data sheets.

Reach out to our technical department on (011) 794-2885 and choose technical option on switchboard or alternatively email us at and we will be happy to help you with all your queries.

Our ELEGANCE, ESSENCE, PRISTINA, and ENVIROCOAT are ideal for this application. The range includes a water-based enamel, which is very easy to apply and even easier to clean.

No, you cannot use normal Contractors PVA as a primer on Rhinolite. Rhinolite is not very porous, therefore contractors PVA has minimal to no penetration even with sanding. The correct product to use is PAINTCOR’S PLASTER PRIMER PREMIUM, PAINTCOR’S PLASTER PRIMER TRADE or RHINOSEAL.

The spread rate of our RUVACRYL is 8m² per litre. However, this is always affected by the condition and texture of the surface e.g., Painted, unpainted, weathered or new. Always ensure that you put on two coats.

Yes, the colour of your wall paint can be used on your PVC pipes. For ELEGANCE, RUVACRYL or ENVIROCOAT paint, simply degrease with GRIMEREAPER, no primer is necessary. If you are using ESSENCE or PRISTINA for your PVC pipes, degrease with GRIMEREAPER, coat your pipes with GTP, and apply the paint. (GTP for waterbased or UNISUB for enamel)

You can overcoat your palisade with our high-quality RuvAcrylEnviroPrime or ELEGANCE paint. Please note if there is rust present, Ruscon is a great water-based product to protect and prevent further rust and prime new or exposed metal using Paintcor’s EnviroPrime.

Yes, for white metals such as brass, aluminium and various alloys , we offer ALL PRIME PLUS.

No, you will need to remove the bitumen aluminium paint first.

Do not pour paint down the drain. Let the paint tin dry in the sun, mix excess paint with sand, and dispose of it with household waste. If you have a lot of leftover paint, consider donating it.

If sealed correctly, the paint should last for at least three months. For longevity of your paint, decant your paint and do not paint directly from the paint bucket to avoid contamination. Uncontaminated paint will far surpass the standard 3-month shelf life.

Ensure that lids are tightly sealed and store in a cool, dry, or shaded area for future use.

Yes, we offer a range of guarantees from 5 to 10 years. All Paintcor products are manufactured to strict specifications in laboratory-controlled conditions, as such, all Paintcor product will be replaced free of charge if found defective. For specific product guarantees and conditions refer to the relevant DATA SHEETS that can be found on the website. Contact us at for more information about your product guarantee.

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