Enviroprime (Waterbased Modified Acrylic Steel Primer)

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EnviroPrime is a water-based, red oxide in colour paint used for priming mild steel and galvanised iron. Enviroprime offers the latest technology in anti-corrosive additives making it a Zinc Phosphate free, water based, Non-Toxic anti corrosive steel and galvanised iron primer that is environmentally friendly with a Greenstar VOC rating for priming steel. On prepared mild steel, Enviroprime easily passes 250 hours of salt spray testing showing no sign of rust creep from the scribe line. At 500 hours, rust creep has started from the scribe line inward but still showed good overall protection and adhesion performance. This makes Enviroprime a leading water-based anti-corrosive steel primer in South Africa. Should you require our salt spray test reports please contact our technical department.


EnviroPrime metal primer is a modified acrylic bound primer that:

  • Incorporates various anti-corrosive additives.
  • Is used for the priming of structural steel as well as galvanised iron, combating white
    and red rust.
  • Dries quickly to a hard finish with excellent adhesion and good acid rain resistance.
  • Is low in odour while being nontoxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Formulated for Highveld conditions.

NOTE: Not suitable for overcoating with epoxy or nitro cellulose based top coats.


  • Anti-corrosive primer for new mild steel and galvanized Iron
  • EnviroPrime is recommended for highveld conditions, for coastal conditions we recommend using Paintcor’s AllPrime Plus


Mild steel

  1. Use Paintcor’s GrimeReaper to remove all grease and oil from the steel to be primed (see GrimeReaper Data sheet).
  2. Sand or shot blast all steel back to bright metal (removing all mill scale and rust). Remove all sanding dust.
  3. Apply 2 coats of EnviroPrime. Allow at least 45 minutes at 25°C to dry between coats.

New Galvanised iron

  1. Use Paintcor’s GrimeReaper to remove all grease and oil from the galvanized iron to be primed (see GrimeReaper Data sheet). Allow to dry.
  2. Remove all white or red rust from the galvanized iron surface, if any. (White rust can be removed by washing the galvanized sheeting thoroughly with undiluted white spirit vinegar). Rinse well with water after washing and allow to dry.
  3. Apply 1 coat of EnviroPrime and allow to dry.

Previously Painted Mild Steel

  1. Remove all loose, peeling paint if any.
  2. Where paint has been removed back to bare metal, sand metal to a bright finish, and sand edges of scar to zero. Paintcor’s Rust Convertor may be used on the rust instead of sanding back to bright metal (see Rustcon data sheet).
  3. Prime the exposed metal only with two coats of Paintcor EnviroPrime. Allow to dry between coats.

Previously Painted Galvanised Iron

  1. Remove all loose and peeling paint.
  2. If there is any rust on exposed galvanised iron, then remove the rust and bring the iron back to bright metal. Alternatively, Paintcor’s Rustcon may be used on the rust instead of sanding it back to bright metal. (See Rustcon data sheet).
  3. Apply one coat of All Prime to areas where rust was removed, allow to dry. Now apply 1 coat of EnviroPrime to all exposed galvanising, this will result in 2 coats of EnviroPrime over areas where rust was removed. Allow 45 minutes at 25°C to dry between coats.
  4. Finally overcoat with top coats of your choice.

NB: If over coating with solvent based top coats, then allow the complete primer system 24 hours to dry before over coating.


Apply by Brush or Spray


Clean all equipment with water immediately after use.


Keep stored in cool, dry conditions and away from children.

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