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Determining your product requirement for Pools and Ponds:

  • Measure the surface area you wish to
  • Determine which products are needed for the surface you wish to paint and the finish you wish to achieve.
  • Check the Theoretical Spread Rates (TSR) on each of the specified products and see how many coats of each are recommended, then calculate what quantities of each product you will require, remembering to make adjustments for the porosity for each surface. TSRs are based on products applied to smooth, sealed (E.g. an unsealed scratch plaster surface will absorb more paint than a sealed smooth one, so allow for a lower spread rate on porous surfaces).
  • Check out the specifications on all the top coat choices (referring to the relevant data sheets) and decide which is right for

EpoxiPrime Primer and PoolCure Top Coat System




Non-Porous Surfaces (Fibre Glass, Old Epoxy, Glass, etc.)

  1. Wash the surface well to clean and remove all dirt, dust or surface Rinse and allow to dry.
  2. Sand surfaces to a clean matt Remove sanding dust.
  3. Open Base (Part A) and Catalyst (Part B). Empty the entire content of the Catalyst (Part B) tin into the Base tin (Part A). All of Part B must be removed from the tin and mixed into the Base (Part A) Part A and Part B must be well mixed with a broad flat paddle (not a broomstick). Failure to carry out these instructions will result in a final product that will not cure properly.

NOTE: Be sure to only mix enough PoolCure to cover the surface to be applied too.

Spread rate: 8m² / litre per coat
Mixing Ratio: Base (Part A): 100gms
Catalyst (Part B): 26.5gms
  1. Apply 1 coat of PoolCure Epoxy Top Coat to the surface at 8m² per litre. Once Part A and Part B have been mixed together you will have ± 1 hour at 25°C to use the product before it begins hardening

(pot life). Allow 12 hours to dry (Not longer than 24 hours) before applying a second coat.

The product will be touch dry in 6 hours. Should PoolCure be allowed to dry longer than 24 hours @ 25°C, it must first be sanded before application of a second coat. At lower temperatures the curing process will take longer than quoted above.

Pools and Ponds Porous Surfaces

Drain the pool and allow 3 days of drying time

Creating an osmotic barrier using Paintcor EpoxiPrime

  1. Ensure floor and walls of the swimming pool are free of any dirt, oil, algae or Should algae be present, then treat with Ushevu (algaecide) and remove. (See Ushevu Data Sheet on www.paintcor.co.za.)
  2. The surface must be raw and
  3. Acid wash the surface well with neat Pool Acid using a nylon bristle broom, rinse well with clean water immediately after use and allow to dry. (Use protective clothing, particle mask and eye protection).
  4. Sand rough areas to Remove sanding dust.
  5. Repair any damaged areas with a suitable patching
  6. Mask surfaces you do not wish to
  7. Mix Resin (Part A) and Catalyst (Part B) as per point 5 above.
  8. Once resin and catalyst have been mixed you have 40 minutes at 25°C to apply PoolCure primer before gel time is reached and you will be unable to apply the product. Reducing the volume of mixed primer and keeping the product cool before application will help slow the gel time down. (Reducing volume – splitting mixed product into roller trays).
  9. Using a mohair roller or block brush, apply 1 coat of Paintcor EpoxiPrime to all areas being painted at a rate of ± 5m² per litre but not more than 6m² per litre. Allow 6 hours at 25°C to dry or until it can be walked
  10. Now apply a second coat of EpoxiPrime to the surface at ± 5m² per litre but no more than 6m² per In order for EpoxiPrime to form an osmotic barrier it should be applied to the correct dry film thickness, that being 440g per m² (2 x coats at 4.4m² – 4.5m² per litre).
  11. Remove masking tape immediately after application of the

Applying Paintcor PoolCure to Pools and Ponds

  1. Once the final coat of primer has dried for 6 hours and no longer than 24 hours, then apply the top coats of PoolCure Epoxy as per point nr. 3 + 4 above on Non-Porous
  2. Allow pools or ponds 5 days to reach full cure before filling with


  1. Keep wind-blown dust away from PoolCure until the product is touch dry (± 6 hours).
  2. Mask all areas not to be painted, then remove the masking tape before the product cures (while still wet).
  3. Do not paint below 10°C or above 60% humidity.
  4. Allow the pool to cure for at least 5 days before filling with
  5. Dilute chlorine with water before adding to the pool
  6. Keep PH levels constant at ± 7 to 5
  7. Apply a minimum of 2 coats of PoolCure when used outdoors (Pools, etc).

Relevant Product Information for Pools and Ponds Products

Theoretical Spread Rate 20m² per litre
No. of Coats required 1 Coat
Application Method Brush, Roller or Spray
Drying Time Drying Time @ 25°C – 24 hours
Theoretical Spread Rate 15m² per litre
Cementitious: 8m² per litre
(Can be as low as 4m² per litre depending on porosity

of the surface).

No. of Coats required 1 Coat
Application Method Brush, Roller or Spray
Drying Time @ 25°C – 6 hours or more but no longer than 24 hours

before overcoating.

Theoretical Spread Rate 8m² per litre
No. of Coats required 2 Coats minimum
Application Method Brush, Roller or Spray
Drying Time @ 25°C – 6 hours
Note: Allow to dry for 6 hours or more between coats but no longer than 24 hours.

Allow to Hard cure for 5 days before filling with water.

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