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Woodluv (Gloss Flexiblle Long Oil Alkyd With UV Stabilizers)

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Wood Treatment


WoodLuv is ready-to-use as an exterior clear or stained wood varnish. It exhibits excellent long-term flexibility, toughness, UV, and water resistance due to the careful selection of resins used in the product. It has been formulated to meet the highest quality standards. WoodLuv allows for rich nourishment and contains protection oils and stabilizers which help achieve a tough yet flexible clear film. This allows for the application to most outdoor wood surfaces such as floors, furniture, window frames, and doors. This product can only be used on new wood, on wood with no paint, on wood which has been stripped of all existing varnish or the existing varnish has been well sanded (Please see note).


  • It is used for the sealing and protection of exterior wood surfaces.
  • It prevents cracking or flaking; therefore, no loss of adhesion will occur.
  • It has been carefully formulated to accommodate movement in the wood.
  • UV scattering pigments and UV absorbers are included in the formulation, ensuring a long-lasting, easy to clean product.


  • Exterior wood varnish.
  • Great for Exterior Wooden decks
  • Ideal for garden sheds or Wendy houses.


  1. Sand the wood down to a clean, smooth finish. Remove any sanding dust.
  2. Paintcor’s WoodLuv is best used over Paintcor’s Wood1st. (See WoodFirst datasheet for application).
  3. Apply two coats of Paintcor’s WoodLuv to areas of wood that cannot be reached once the wood has been installed, such as the bottom and the sides. Allow 6 hours to dry between coats.
  4. Install wood, then apply 2 – 3 coats of Paintcor’s WoodLuv to all exposed surface areas which will seal all screw or nail fitment points. Allow 6 hours to dry between coats.

NOTE: For wood to last outside, it is important to feed and seal all areas of the wood, including fixing points. Old varnish gets very hard after years of exposure. Some varnish will not except new topcoats and will need to be removed before the application of new varnish. Please call our Technical Department for assistance.


Apply by Varnish Brush, Sponge/Mohair Roller or Spray.


Clean all equipment with Turpentine immediately after use.


Keep stored in cool, dry conditions and away from children. Flammable product, keep away from open flame.

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